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At JMB Industrial Services we pride ourselves on maintaining customer satisfaction at all times and producing a top quality end result. We aim to provide the total service, over and above average expectations, to all of our clients.

From the smallest backyard job to the largest construction project - JMB are your one-stop solution for any job.

Excavations, concreting, road works, driveways, hardstands, site cuts & clearing, drainage, landscaping, ornamental lakes & dams, paving, trenching, underground water tanks, on-site soil screening, core-drilling, concrete demolition and removal, labour hire, project management ... The list goes on!

You name it, we can do it. JMB specialise in the civil and construction industry, but we have skilled personnel with experience in a range of fields and can organise and oversee any or all of the services that you require. We also have a broad range of specialist service contacts available to tackle even the most challenging of tasks.

JMB have a large fleet of machinery including excavators, bobcats, loaders, tip trucks, rollers, graders, dozers and more - along with the experienced personnel to operate them - ready and willing to tackle your project. We have the ability to customise equipment where required to enable completion of work in challenging or unusual circumstances, and have access to a range of other machinery outisde our own let to enable to get the job done.

Check out the "equipment" page for some photos of our fleet, or the "our work" page for photos of some of our previous works.
Home pageAbout UsServicesContacts